Sebastian the Lion Cub

English / Afrikaans

Book Name: Sebastian the Lion Cub
Date Published: May 2021
Publishing house: Naledi Publishers
SKU Number: ISBN: 978-1-928530-28-2



Intro To The Book

In the lion cub camp, Sebastian, an adventurous little cub, is crowned troop leader when he is taken into safe custody after he had slipped away sneezing, somewhat disgusted and off-colour, while under the supervision of a large and vigilant pride of lions.Where have you ever heard of a lion cub flying in a helicopter, tracking down a friend in the veld, fighting fires, holding bush summits and undertaking many more bizarre events to the annoyance of some characters, but to the delight of his own cub pride?

Put on your reading slippers because Sebastian, an exceptional lion cub, offers exciting events that will lead children, parents and the elderly away on an educational tour to unpredictable adventures and a whole bunch of entertaining activities.

This children’s book is wonderful reading material for everyone.

Inspiration For The Book

I was encouraged to write short stories for the Calabash, our company’s internal newsletter, after a simple e-mail developed into a cosy chat between myself and Naranda Leeuwner.  Amanda Espag gave life to Sebastian’s existence through her colourful illustrations.  Soon Sebastian the Lion Cub was born.

June At Home

Sebastian the Lion Cub immediately had to get a place of honour in my study.  With so many beautiful illustrations, any room can be transformed into pleasure.  Sebastian the Lion Cub is an absolute inspiration.

Professional June

I was in the privileged position of being able to write Sebastian the Lion Cub for our company for the awareness program.

Sebastian the Lion Cub is the English version of Sebastian die Leeuwelpie.  The English version corresponds one hundred percent with the Afrikaans book but contains a little more information about the operational part of fire fighting and aerial fire fighting.

Great was the pleasure when Sebastian the Lion Cub landed with our own Working on Fire helicopters at our Head Office in Nelspruit.

June’s Dream

I intend to write a whole series of Sebastians with the aim of teaching children more about different events, especially how dangerous fires can be but also to encourage children to make a good career choice.  I trust that the series of Sebastian books will encourage my young readers to become aerial firefighter pilots and aircraft mechanical engineers.

Illustrations done by Amanda Espag

From the pen of Kishugu Calabash’s Editor – Naranda Leeuwner May 2021

Sebastian the Lion Cub educates our audience through adventures

This lovely children's book, aimed at Gr. 3-5 learners, is ideal to teach them to care for the wild and give them some insight into the world of firefighting and aviation.

June Botha, the writer of this book, takes the reader on a journey to discover many exciting things in the bush, coupled with many adventures. The reader grows with the Sebastian character, and with the books to follow, more and more firefighting and other related services to the Kishugu Group, will be incorporated into the stories and adventures Sebastian goes on.

According to June, she is very grateful to the Kishugu Board members who supports her in this initiative.