June as Speaker


Why My Heart Wants To Speak

I can no longer remain silent.  My secret was revealed after thirty-five years by my own daughter, Lodene’s confrontation.  It was a shocking moment and yet I knew it was an opportunity created for me to tell the sad story.  Have you ever looked at what our abortion rates look like today?  Have you deliberately looked around and noticed how lifeless our young people today loo like; the exposure they experience to societal pressures.  Have you ever wondered where your values lie and how you have been robbed of them?  Is silent really the answer; to look away and pretend everything around you are, OK?

I was trapped in a marriage of abortions, hatred and humiliation.  When I could no longer, a mercifully stronger Hand intervened.  I know what it feels like to be stripped and I know how much impact it has had on me even years later – until I discovered my own values.  I want to share it with people who are going through the same thing – even those who are not talking about it - you also never have to talk about it, or even change your life.  But you can discover your dignity and it will change your circumstances.

When I deal with a subject or discussion, whether rejection, inferiority or jealousy, I also discuss the spiritual aspect of it and how it manifests in the body.  Remember the soul is just the conscience.  It all starts with a thought.

Ons is drie-dimensionele wesens. Die een beȉnvloed die ander. Hierdie dimensies kan, as dit reg gebalanseer word, lei tot die grootste en mees vervullendste lewe wat jy al ooit beleef het. Die drie dimensies is, gees, siel en liggaam. Al drie hierdie aspekte van ‘n mens vereis gesonde en gebalanseerde sorg.

Talk to Woman

Who are you above and beyond wife and mother?

What makes you, You?

Swap your Life for Life

You, the Anchor Block

Extinguish a Fire

Rejection, Verbally Abuse, Self-Acceptance,

Single parenthood, Abortions, Societal Pressures

Feminine Emotions versus Instinct

The Value of Life

What I Talk to Kids About and Why

It is important to make children aware of their values and rights at an early age.  Children’s meetings can include a lecture or a chosen topic.  The discussions vary in age.

Children’s story reading during a women’s gathering can include children ages 5 to 10.  Educational stories are read, e.g Sebastian

Topics that discussions hold for children from 11 to 16 years include, self-control, determine your own values, goals, who am I, how do I stand with my relationship with my parents, my teacher, friends and society?

Children from the age to 17 and over will include discussions such as abortions, say no, my relationship with God, respect for each other, how does my body stand in relation to my soul and spirit, what is healing, what makes me worthy.

A weekend meeting can be arranged in which a reading or children’s discussions take place while the women’s meeting takes place a day before or after it.