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Book Name: Lodene 
Date Published: September 2020
Publishing house: Naledi Publishers
SKU Number: ISBN 978-1-928518-77-8



Intro To The Book

Who can ever understand the heart of a mother when she is forced to abort her baby? Furthermore, who can ever understand the emotions of that baby when she finds out thirty-five years later that she survived three attempted abortions. And then the final discovery: who is really the Sustainer of Life and Death?

“Tell it just as it happened, Mommy!” Lodene’s urgent voice pleaded with me and I was transported to the events thirty-five years ago. There is a saying, “The truth shall set you free.” “Does it?” I had to ask myself as I battled through every word. The story is a truly captivating novel of suspense from the pen of a mother who begged the life of her baby from the hand of God. It will enthral readers and you will experience fierce emotions of love, disappointment, pain and hate.

This true story took place in 1983 when abortion was legalised.

Lonika, a young woman, lost her heart to a respected businessman, Wilhelm. “Lost in love,” is what Stephan would call it with a shrug of his broad shoulders as he helplessly watched his brother, Wilhelm, change into a cruel, cold hearted spouse who tries his utmost to end the life of his unborn baby in underhanded ways. Lonika’s life becomes a treacherous journey between lies and heartless brutality. She escapes and flees to safety. Enough is enough! A life is taken. A life is given – but at a price. Once again Lonika must stand naked in the face of fierce negotiations. “A life for a life, Lord?” she begs; begs until her body sags to the cold floor in total surrender. “You must call her Lodene,” the nurse’s soft voice gently caresses her unresponsive figure.

Inspiration For The Book

Abortion Survivors (USA) (Pro-Life) approached me to write the book Lodene based on both me and Lodene’s life story. The book deals with rejection, abortion and death, but graciously also the value of life.

After Lodene confronted me about the abortions, I could no longer hide the secret.  I was obliged to reveal it.  I also felt that it was a direct command from God because of the promise I made to Him to save Lodene’s life, years ago.

June At Home

The book Lodene took honesty and integrity to write.  It was an emotional project but I was determined to bring the story to its fullness.

It was characteristic how smells and feelings came to the fore prominently.  What was suppressed in the subconscious came to the fore more strongly.  I experienced the coldness of the cement floor, the smells of the liquids and the winter cold that penetrated the interior of my being.   I have never been so terribly lost in my life.

Professional June

My qualities as a writer came to the fore strongly because the story directly relates to Lodene, my daughter.

There were times I had to move my profession as a writer aside to expose my heart as a mom.  I was well aware that I would be criticized for the abortions but if I weighed it with the grace we experienced at that time, people’s criticism of me was in the minority.  I promote and commend the Creator for the opportunity to share this secret.

June’s Dream

My biggest wish is to film the story.

From this publication, my speaking career took a new turn. I can identify myself with the topics discussed during these public events.

This is also the prevailing reason why I decided to support women and teach them to focus on and rely on their strengths, not to allow themselves to be forced by any circumstances or people into an act that will affect the rest of their lives.

School- and young girls can benefit so much from this type of education. Not only should they be made aware of their femininity but also behavior around it.

Lodene Reading

Lodene reads the full story around the three attempts of abortions on her life.  The full story had not been told to her before this day.


Mother and daughter discuss abortion attempt.

Listen to an interview between mom June and daughter, Lodene about the book Lodene

Warriors for Life

Shortly after Lodene found out about her abortion survival, she started Warriors for Life.  It did not take long before she joined Pro-life, a world-renowned organisation. Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor and Pro-life activist, stagnated in the USA.

Pro-life believes that all human life is created equally, regardless of size, level of development, education and degree of dependency.  Therefore, taking the life of a preborn baby is a violation of the fundamental right to life.


About Warriors for Life

Warriors for Life was founded by Lodene Van Blerk, survivor of three attempted abortions who gives glory to God every day for saving her life. As a survivor of three attempted abortions, Lodene’s heart is geared to support, train and equip communities about the impact of abortion and offer emotional, spiritual and physical support, counselling and education to women, men, families and communities affected by unwanted pregnancies and abortions.