June's Dream

I will never stop dreaming.  I will always have a vision.

Living my dream

My Dream

Why do we allow ourselves to be caught up in the activities of everyday life?  Did we forget to dream when we grew up and started families?  Or maybe we got so caught up in survival that our anchor got loose somewhere and shifted.

It happened to me when my beloved husband passed away.  My anchor jerked loose and splashed between oceans and I just could not get a hold on it.   Until I made the decision to find the core of myself.  Please do not misunderstand me.  I’m a good mother, I hope – a good grandmother, I think. But what became of me – June?  Over the years that I have looked after the needs of my family, I not only lost my anchor, I indeed lost my balance as well.

To dream is to sniff out your core with a shepherd’s stick.  It takes time.  So, start dreaming about who you are, what you want to be and where you are headed.  And on this note, I would like to share my dreams with you.

My dream in Writing

I intend to write all kinds of stories which is sure to include healing.  Stories that will help children to find their balance early in their lives.  Stories that will teach adults to laugh, to cry and to love again.  Stories that will make sick people crave to be healed again.  And somewhere in all those stories, you will find me, for you are the eyes through which I value myself.  You are the instrument and I sing to the melody of the sound you give me.

My dream in Healing

I believe that in every disease there is an underlying cause.  I further believe those thoughts that we meditate or ponder on in the long run manifest diseases in a biological way, in our bodies.   These diseases are produced by spiritual, psychological and physical mechanisms.  My dream is to learn more about healing to make people aware that healing is within.  I know I do not have all the answers people are looking for, but I also know that within time I will be able to apply holistic healing on three-dimensional levels.  I  hope to specialise in infertility or in the musculoskeletal system in my field of study.

My dream as a Speaker

My dream is to motivate women to reach their fullness and make a difference, but firstly towards themselves.  This can only happen if the woman knows her fullness, her strengths and her values.  We are a special creation and our tenderness contributes to the development of wide areas.  A gentle spirit houses a pure heart.  I would love to write success stories about exceptional events in women’s lives.

My dream in the Corporate World

I have thirty-eight years of experience in the Human Resource industry.  From experience, I have learned that a sjambok does more harm than a soft tongue.  Discipline plays an important role in every aspect of our lives.  Always be honest, sincere and wise with yourself first, before teaching others.  Usually, it starts at home. My dream is to approach and manage staff in a different way.  Empowering them rather than cracking down.  I hope I will be able to complete this part of my career successfully.
My grootste droom is om die beste te wees wat ek kan. Om voluit te leef, om voluit te kan gee en om waardering te koester vir die prag waarin ons geskep is.