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Signing books
I want to make a difference to your collection of books.  Therefore, I would like to invite you to leave your details here so that I can send you a signed copy.  It is important to mention your name and your surname (if you wish) so that the book can directly remain your – hopefully – favourite book and personal property.

If you would like to send this as a gift to someone special, please include their name and surname, date and your special wish for them below.  It will be a privilege to see that a signed copy reaches them.

A reader who can laugh, cry, get excited and can really become steeped in the story, inspires me. I appreciate it when readers give me feedback after reading my books.  It means a lot to me.  A story that lasts is a story with a lesson, even in fiction. After all, we have a lifetime of lessons to learn.

Soms is iemand so spesiaal dat dit die behoefte skep om ‘n geskenkie te gee wat eie aan hulle is. ‘n Spesiale boodskap in ‘n boek is buitengewoon en dra by dat daardie persoon die dag met blymoedigheid afsluit. Skryf daardie besondere boodskap vir my neer en ek sal toesien dat die toegedraaide pakkie sy bestemming bereik. Jou geliefde is my vriend en saam maak dit ons geliefd.

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