June at Home


Me Time

Although I like to mingling with people I enjoy my own company just as much.  I have several interests and am easily stimulated by new information.  Obviously it takes time.  Especially if I ponder on it until I am satisfied with the additional information on the subject in question.  I am a thinker.  For that I need goals.  Every year I set myself three big goals.  I write this in my vision book, collect a whole lot of information and then the work starts.

My Study

My study is my most valuable room in the house.  My counter, take notice: not my desk, contains stacks of medical reference books, research projects, numerous Afrikaans and English dictionaries, and a smaller pile of assignments that include some short courses.  The rest of the area has a whole stack of personnel management documents needing urgent attention.


My interests include, among others, music, singing and choirs – specifically the training aspect and many church, school and community choirs have been trained by me.  An intense love for music ensures that my music room remains my second favourite room in the house and is adjacent directly to my study.  There certainly is no better way of moving between writing, studying or working to the piano.  Even if it’s just to practice a series of scales.


What about cooking?  I have tried several times until a glass of wine behind a steaming pot of stew became my best friend.  What does the old adage say? Practice makes perfect and before long roasts and vegetables were being served regularly on Sundays.


Although I do not have time for gardening, my garden is beautifully cared for and rewarding to my soul.  I live very close to nature and am in an environment where wild animals and beautiful birds fascinate me.  It makes me happy.


It is important for me to develop good relationships.  That’s why my family is important.  I am a privileged mom of three daughters and five grandchildren.  My grandchildren are the inspiration behind writing children’s stories.  Now I can read and write for them.

Precious friends are like scarce wine.  If it crosses my path, I cherish it.

As flaminke in die reën mag dans, mag my gedagtes oor horisonne reis.  Daar waar vrede my ontmoet en my gees verwelkom word deur die Skepping van God.