Cry of the Night Owl

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English / Afrikaans

Book Name: Cry of the Night Owl
Date Published: Jan 2022
Publishing house: Naledi Publishers
SKU Number: ISBN 



Intro To The Book

When the night owl cries Mordare, the dreaded killer smirks and puts on his black leather gloves - he pulls it slowly high above his wrists. His shadow slips unnoticed between the black shadows of the trees all along the river to his victim on the banks of the Vaalriver.

Good-Lord-deliver-us!” cries the Night Owl as Mordare’s butchers knife slides powerfully, quickly and razor-sharp without a sound and without emotion, through the artery of the lame man’s body. The monotonous mocking of the waters against the shore brings a cruel calm to Mordare’s mind as the lifeless body temporarily overturns and disappears into the depths of the waters.

Would the cry of the Fish Eagle, the roar of the Lion and the laughter of the Hyena, Mordare at the same time also make the prey of the Cheetah the night he lost his yearning heart in the longing for love?

A murder novel filled with horror sensation and the unsatisfactory need to be loved – a reflection of hatred deception and also the longing for recognition and love.

“My love lies in care and stability. If you do not appreciate it, I must kill you!” echoed Aron Nimzowitsch’s insane words against the cold walls of the cave.

Inspiration For The Book

A Swedish serial killer who is excited by the African night noises to expose his victims with a smile.  What better inspiration could there be to blend natural sounds with human behaviour or even longing for something good in a story.

June At Home

Cry of the Night Owl is a story that comes from deep hidden heart chambers.  Every emotion of it is equally familiar.  The wonder of it all is that the story could nest in my being – it could brood in my head, wrestle on the couch until it could, unfortunately, unfold in a book form.  This is what makes my stories unique.  I become one with it.

Professional June

Crying of the Night Owl can serve as an inspiring story for the reader who looks deeper.  I also portrayed the dark as well as the Divine of it in the story.

June’s Dream

My dream or rather wish is that the story will reach many readers.  Share in the story, learn from it and send it on.